Marra Trading Goods and Wholesalers LLC is incorporated in Dubai – United Arab Emirates, with trading experience in national and international markets over 50 years. Within this span Marra has been exporting to several countries within Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Middle East.

Key trading sectors:

  • Agro Industrial
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospital equipment
  • Hotel equipment
  • Construction, Construction Machinery , Equipment, Hardware
  • Food Distributor, Supermarket
  • Vehicles and heavy equipment
  • Logistics and Transport (freights, Vessel, Heavy equipment)

Our objective always has been to minimise the costs and time of our customers, maximize our customers’ orders and reach the satisfaction and well-being of customers.
Marra strives to be the most ideal trading partner in the UAE for those who require quality products with service that demands excellence. Marra offers superb connectivity as being based out of Dubai provides its trading partners distinct geographical and logistical advantages primarily due to Dubai being one of the major regional financial hubs and Dubai ports being a major logistics global hub.

Quality Assurance and Customer happiness are two core value principles embedded into Marra’s corporate value system. Marra follows international ISO certification criteria and inspect the loads and goods of our customers before every shipment.

Marra keeps its trading partners updated by regularly sending them information on new additional products and services on offer, marketing campaigns, announcements for new brands or new products that are acquired, etc.. We believe by keeping in constant communication and engagement with our trading partners not only we address the communication gaps that could potentially paralyse the business eco system but also act as a catalyst to fuel business growth, we firmly believe communication and engagement is key to success.

Marra’s vision is to become a global leader as partner trading company based on principles of quality, trust, transparency and social responsibility across all industry segments.
Our objective is based on commercialization of Quality Materials and products, always providing professional and technical support to our trading partners, building strong relationship with all partners and creating a robust and quality trading ecosystem.

Our core Values include:

  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Specialization
  • Confidence
  • Innovation
  • Communication

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